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UPMC Sports Performance
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UPMC Sports Performance
Helping athletes reach their peak performance

UPMC Sports Performance, a joint program of UPMC Sports Medicine and Centers for Rehab Services, is dedicated to helping all athletes achieve their performance goals and reduce sports-related injuries. Through guidance and coaching by experienced training experts, professional-grade equipment, and the latest technology to measure and enhance progress, the UPMC Sports Performance staff provides one-on-one or group training to help athletes reach their goals.

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Sports performance for baseball player development

UPMC Sports Performance develops functional training programs to help players prepare for competition in a meaningful and safe progression. Areas of concentration include:

  • throwing- throwing mechanics, drills, rotator cuff, and forearm strengthening
  • fielding- drills, agility training, and first step quickness
  • batting- drills and core strengthening
  • running- base running and stealing drills, running and start mechanics, and acceleration

Traditionally, speed and agility programs have been designed for sports that involve mostly running – such as soccer or football. In Fall 2007, UPMC Sports Performance designed a speed, agility, and quickness (SAQ) program specific to baseball. This program included running and agility development with shoulder, forearm, and core strengthening utilizing sport-specific movements and products designed to target key muscle groups and motor programs for baseball.

For nine weeks, this program was given to groups of 30 players, three times a week, through a combination of both formal and at-home training. Players went through drills and exercise during training sessions and followed workout booklets to complete at home each week.

At the end of nine weeks, the results spoke for themselves:

  • The average increase of velocity of throwing was 4.82 miles per hour (mph) with an increases ranging from two to 14 mph.
  • Rotator cuff strength showed an average increase of 13.15 pounds at the acceleration position for throwing along with increases in all other rotator cuff strength.
  • Core strength showed an average increase of 42.4 sec hold for prone planks, 14.88 for right side planks, and 18.02 for left side planks.
  • Running speed had slight performance increases as did hamstring flexibility.
  • Players self-reported increases in bat speed and power as well as an overall faster recovery from throwing with little or no delayed muscle soreness. (read complete article)

Contact UPMC Sports Performance

In order to perform like a champion, athletes need a comprehensive, individualized program that focuses on your whole body. Athletes need the experts at UPMC’s Sports Performance Program.

For more information visit the UPMC Sports Performance web page or contact us at:

UPMC Sports Performance Complex South Side
3200 Water Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

UPMC Sports Performance North
1035 Executive Drive
Gibsonia, PA 15044

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